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P&S Detailing products

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P&S Detailing products

P&S Detailing Products

For more than 60 years, P&S has been one of the most trusted names in the professional detailing community. The late Bill Phillips was an industry pioneer who founded P&S Detail Products in 1961. Since then, it’s grown from selling supplies out of Bill’s own station wagon to an international leader in detailing. Bill’s sons Bob and Dave run the company today, leading a team of fellow pro detailers as they carry on the commitment to innovative-yet-affordable products and first-rate service.

Make Shine Happen
With carfreak.dk, you’ll find dozens of the best P&S detailing supplies at one site. The P&S Double Black Collection created by Renny Doyle – the man in charge of preserving the original Air Force One jet – is a complete lineup formulated for professionals and the most serious enthusiasts. Double Black Rags to Riches Detergent, automotive shampoo, fabric coating and Envy Jeweling Polish are just a few of the ways that Doyle and P&S give people high-quality results on every job.

If you’re on a tight budget or are less experienced, don’t fret. We have a P&S detail product that is perfect for what you need. Shop below for P&S Brake Buster wheel cleaner, Bug Off insect remover, carpet cleaner, Dream Maker gloss amplifier and other ways to restore a vehicle’s sheen